Diamond Q Animal Hospital has a modern and fully-equipped in-house laboratory and extensive referral network that allows instant access to important test results regarding your pets health.

Diagnostic Imaging

Diamond Q uses leading technology including Digital Radiology, which produces high-resolution X-rays.


Dr. Quenette performs a wide variety of surgeries from routine spay and neuters to intricate soft-tissue procedures. Diamond Q Animal Hospital uses only the safest anesthetic drugs available while your pet has surgery.

Laser Surgery

In an effort to provide the very best care to their patients, Diamond Q Animal Hospital offers the option of Laser Surgery. Laser Surgery seals blood vessels, lymph vessels, and nerve endings so there is less bleeding, pain, and swelling. Use of the laser reduces risk of infection and shortens recovery time.

Pain Management

Diamond Q Animal Hospital is a pain-free hospital. The staff is diligent in their approach to pain management before and after surgery.


Diamond Q Animal Hospital can provide your pet with the best dental care from ultrasonic scaling to high-speed polishing and even oral surgery.